The Farm


As important as a well marked animal is to breed for temperment, both dams who make good mums and bulls who have a placid nature and are easy to handle.

cowsOn forty acres we have settled for around ten breeding cows with followers. The original two cows some years ago were sourced from the Esprit stud, with Holly, one of those foundation cows having produced the backbone of the current herd. Each of our cows has their own unique character and much pleasure is achieved at the end of the day leaning on a gate and simply watching them get on with their daily lives.erton Farm consists of some forty acres of rugged hill country with around three acres of rolling flats.

The soil is papa clay over an ironstone pan in many parts. The soil quality is poor and subject to slips. Perfect country for Miniature Herefords who thrive!

The property has many Northern hemisphere trees from Oaks to Maples which made us feel at home the moment we set eyes on the place some eight years ago. In an effort to control slips on the steep hills many gums, blackwoods and eucalyptus trees have been planted, with the steepest slopes put to pines, some six acres in total.

The farm is elevated at around 100 metres and set in a natural bowl with extensive views and hidden from the world. A perfect retreat from the fast paced business world of financial planning and independent midwifery.